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by our United States expert Paul Baderman
Paul BadermanYosemite (pron: yo /semi / tee), in Californias’s Sierra Nevada, was created by a protective grant signed in 1864 by Abraham Lincoln, that evolved into the first National Park a decade later. Its splendour is partly due to its remoteness - no nearby towns and surrounded by open country. At first only reached on horseback, it is now far more accessible but the big message is how much more there is than the Valley where most people head. The mountains, other valleys, meadows, falls and rivers, mean that 95% of the entire park is wilderness. As well as the giant Sequoia redwoods (some, three or four thousand years old), the extensive wildlife includes black bear, bobcat, marmots, grey fox, deer and a host of birdlife – all more readily seen away from habitation (except the bears who have become habituated to an unwelcome degree). Overnighting is almost essential to view Yosemite properly and there is a wide choice, from cabin or tented lodgings to hotels, including the historic Wawona.

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