SaintPeteBeach,FL Travel Guide

by our United States expert Paul Baderman
Paul BadermanIf you can’t beat ‘em …! ‘St Petersburg Beach’ was the official designation of this handsome Florida resort on incorporation in 1957, but since everyone was on friendlier, shorter terms with it, that’s what it quickly and officially became. St Pete Beach is a ‘sort-of’ island in the Keys, linked in by three bridges - there’s an actual St Petersburg City on the mainland. There is, unsurprisingly, a terrific, silver-sand beach with all the fishing/water-sport/leisure elements that go with it - heavily visited by winter migrants from the US’s chillier north. Many fine hotels, naturally, with the grand - or even grandiloquent - Don CeSar building virtually on the sand. Plus a couple of surprises: The Pier is what is says but with an intriguing upside-down colourful wedge pavilion at the end and a well-stocked aquarium that does great ‘touch talks’ for kids of all ages up to their 90’s. And there’s a superb Salvador Dali Museum with an outstanding collection - and Spanish wines and tapas in the restaurant.

360 Tour of Toll bridge entry and inland waterway at St Pete Beach

United States Facts

National Flag: American Flag
Language(s): English
Cajun French
Currency: US Dollar
Dialling Code: +1
Time Zones: Aleutian : GMT - 10
Hawaii : GMT - 10
Alaska : GMT - 9
Pacific : GMT - 8
Mountain : GMT - 7
Arizona : GMT - 6
Central : GMT - 5
Eastern : GMT - 5
Indiana East : GMT - 5

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