LasVegas,NV Travel Guide

by our United States expert Paul Baderman
Paul BadermanWill you have a good time in Vegas? You bet! Even if that’s your only successful wager, it’s the one time the odds are in your favour. Vegas grew from a space in the Nevada desert in barely a century, at first as a stopover for ‘go-west’ pioneers, but then with a little help from State laws that made it the first place in the US where gambling was actually legal. In the 1920’s and 30’s, organised crime followed the money but multi-millionaire Howard Hughes had part success in cleaning up some elements and huge success in bringing in entertainment. All the great show people have played here in one or other of the famous/notorious casinos and hotels from the Golden Nugget to Caesars Palace. They’re mostly dotted along The Strip, aka Las Vegas Boulevard, which is technically outside the city limits - those gaming laws again. If you have too good a time, and it all goes to your head so that you wake up on a surprise honeymoon in the ‘US wedding capital’, Vegas is the divorce centre of the US as well.

United States Facts

National Flag: American Flag
Language(s): English
Cajun French
Currency: US Dollar
Dialling Code: +1
Time Zones: Aleutian : GMT - 10
Hawaii : GMT - 10
Alaska : GMT - 9
Pacific : GMT - 8
Mountain : GMT - 7
Arizona : GMT - 6
Central : GMT - 5
Eastern : GMT - 5
Indiana East : GMT - 5

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