Indianapolis,IN Travel Guide

by our United States expert Paul Baderman
Paul Baderman‘Indy’ is at the centre of the mid-west state of Indiana and is thus almost literally the capital of ‘Middle America’. In fact, it developed on the very first East-West highway and was a major rail link between rich mid-western farmlands and industrial centres like Chicago and Detroit. Now a major business centre, it still depends to some extent on its ‘hub’ role. For many, it is synonymous with the Indianapolis 500, regarded as one of the toughest motor races in the calendar and by far the premier event outside Formula 1 racing. A linguistic oddity is that the official name for the state’s inhabitants, ‘hoosiers’, has no official derivation.

360 Tour of Indianapolis Raceway

United States Facts

National Flag: American Flag
Language(s): English
Cajun French
Currency: US Dollar
Dialling Code: +1
Time Zones: Aleutian : GMT - 10
Hawaii : GMT - 10
Alaska : GMT - 9
Pacific : GMT - 8
Mountain : GMT - 7
Arizona : GMT - 6
Central : GMT - 5
Eastern : GMT - 5
Indiana East : GMT - 5

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Indianapolis,IN 360 Tours

Starting grid at Indianapolis raceway F1 grand prix

Indianapolis Raceway
Indianapolis Raceway
Town centre monument
Town centre monument

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