GrandCanyonNatPark,AZ Travel Guide

by our United States expert Paul Baderman
Paul BadermanYou can’t describe the Canyon without numbers – but equally can’t just with them. So:- 277 miles long, up to 18 miles wide, 1 mile deep … and one of the most visually amazing natural phenomena in the world. A National Park since 1919, inhabited for 12,000 years. The South Rim is more popular and accessible, the North is 1,000ft higher (snow-bound in winter) – and only with difficulty do the twain meet. One road bridge (Navajo) early in the route, then the only way is down/across on foot. ‘Rim to Rim’ is 21m with an overnight camp and a narrow footbridge across the Colorado – but a lifetime talking point. (More easily, try pack-mules along the bottom or a leisurely boat along the river.) No hotels within the Canyon, but there are lodgings and camp sites.

360 Tour of Black Bridge

United States Facts

National Flag: American Flag
Language(s): English
Cajun French
Currency: US Dollar
Dialling Code: +1
Time Zones: Aleutian : GMT - 10
Hawaii : GMT - 10
Alaska : GMT - 9
Pacific : GMT - 8
Mountain : GMT - 7
Arizona : GMT - 6
Central : GMT - 5
Eastern : GMT - 5
Indiana East : GMT - 5

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