PlayadelCarmen Travel Guide

by our Mexico expert Paul Baderman
Paul BadermanPlaya del Carmen on the Caribbean coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula is ideally situated for easy access from Cancun and distinctly less crowded. It actually began life as a ferry point out to Cozumel island, something of a scuba diver’s Mecca. It soon dawned that the transfer involved leaving idyllic beaches behind and Playa became a highly popular resort in its own right. There is plenty of sea diving to be had there but the area adds an unusual variant with the ‘cenote’ sinkholes and caverns used from Mayan times as a fresh-water source. (Tip - check your guide’s qualifications carefully and watch the dive limits.) And if neither sea nor fresh water is enough, there’s easy access skydiving for novices. From the port, beaches stretch out along the coast - clean, soft sands, beautiful water to swim/play/snorkel in or just lie by in an indolent beach hammock. Plenty to do and see - including fascinating Mayan pyramid remains - but above all, a great out-of-mainstream place to relax.

Mexico Facts

National Flag: Mexican Flag
Language(s): Spanish
Currency: Mexican peso
Dialling Code: +52
Time Zones: Mexico City : GMT - 6
Baja Calif Norte : GMT - 8
Nayarit : GMT - 7
Sinaloa : GMT - 7
Sonora : GMT - 7
Tourism Website:

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