TelAviv Travel Guide

by our Israel expert Paul Baderman
Paul BadermanThe largest city of Israel and the country’s commercial centre, Tel Aviv, which recently celebrated its centenary, is an extreme example of ancient and modern butting up to each other. The biblical town of Jaffa - whose still-busy port dates from the Bronze Age - became a single municipality with the ‘new town’ of Tel Aviv in 1950, its full name being Tel Aviv-Yafo. It is a lively, active city with entertainment, culture and art, festivals, and a rich night life. Yet you can almost step over a line into 3,000 year-old history in Old Jaffa, especially around the port area, with narrow, higgledy-piggledy alleys, a bohemian artist quarter, markets, restaurants and galleries. In sharp contrast, the ‘White City’ area of modern Tel Aviv, is a showpiece of 20thC. progressive architecture, heavily influenced by the Bauhaus school. To complete a full round of reasons-to-visit, there are some wonderful Mediterranean beaches and promenades while the twin-towns are surrounded by a rich agricultural region with every kind of fruit grove - lemons, pomegranates, ‘citrons’, mandarins, dates, and yes, it is where the Jaffa orange comes from.

Israel Facts

National Flag: Israeli Flag
Language(s): Hebrew
Currency: Israeli new sheqel
Dialling Code: +972
Time Zone: GMT + 2
Tourism Website:

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