Jerusalem Travel Guide

by our Israel expert Paul Baderman
Paul BadermanPerhaps the city with the longest and most packed history in the world that is still creating it today. Jerusalem has been a political and religious centre for thousands of years - a venerated holy place for three world religions, the capital of the ancient and modern state of Israel, and rarely out of today’s headlines. And like most meeting points, it generates great colour and drama (and yes, heat at times). Just watching locals making everyday purchases in a market is terrific street theatre but the principal attractions are inevitably the holy places. The Wailing Wall, the Church of the Sepulchre, the silver dome of the al- Aqsa mosque, the Dome of the Rock … the list is almost endless. Besieged by Assyrians, Romans, Saracens and Crusaders among others, Jerusalem has literally been in the wars many times and there are ample fortifications remnants to show it. The city’s spirit has always survived, however, and today’s Jerusalem is also an exciting, lively, cosmopolitan, thoroughly modern capital in, but never submerged by, history.

360 Tour of Market at Damascus Gate

Israel Facts

National Flag: Israeli Flag
Language(s): Hebrew
Currency: Israeli new sheqel
Dialling Code: +972
Time Zone: GMT + 2
Tourism Website:

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