Eilat Travel Guide

by our Israel expert Paul Baderman
Paul BadermanAt the southern tip of Israel, at the head of the Red Sea, is the Gulf of Eilat (Aqaba). Although the site of an ancient settlement in pre-historic times, Eilat is a thoroughly modern city almost designed for tourists. The (Negev) desert climate gives little rainfall and lots and lots of sunshine. But many of the visitors do much more than sunbathe. There is a carefully protected marine nature reserve of coral reefs that provides divers (and countless spectacular tropical fish) with superb conditions and easy near-shore access. Eilat lies immediately on the migratory Europe-Africa flight-path of many bird species making it a twitchers’ delight. There is a separate reef with a virtually-resident pod of dolphins and an underwater marine observatory for those who don’t want to get their feet wet. The Eilat mountains that back the town are imposing, though somewhat harsh, and on the town-desert fringe you can find a camel ranch (careful - they spit!). Israelis holiday here and that alone guarantees good food and an exuberant nightlife.

Israel Facts

National Flag: Israeli Flag
Language(s): Hebrew
Currency: Israeli new sheqel
Dialling Code: +972
Time Zone: GMT + 2
Tourism Website:

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