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by our United Kingdom expert Paul Baderman
Paul BadermanThe other ‘bailiwick’ of the Channel Islands, along with Guernsey, with perhaps a hint more Englishness than the latter’s Gallic touch. It is the largest of the islands and the most southerly, boasting a superb climate with a consequent major industry in flower growing and export. (But before despatch they are a wonderful sight in the fields.) The islands are ‘bilingual’ in many senses, currency, food and culture, as well as language - an English uniformed policeman speaking fluent French sums it all up. If you’re English, just remember that although you don’t need a passport - you will if you take the easy trip to the French mainland.

United Kingdom Facts

National Flag: British Flag
Language(s): English
Scots Gaelic
Currency: British Pound
Dialling Code: +44
Time Zone: GMT
Tourism Website:

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