Ankara Travel Guide

by our Turkey expert Paul Baderman
Paul BadermanAlthough Ankara is the modern capital of Turkey, like Istanbul it has a long and complex history of influences from the West such as Rome and the eastern strands of Islam and Arabia. There are even remnants of its Bronze Age beginnings as well as the Hittite empire - one derivation of the name is from the sea-voyaging Celts’ word for ‘anchor’. (The soft wool ‘Angora’ came from local goats.) Its standing today comes from its role at the centre of the Kemal Atäturk revolution that created the modern state in the 1920’s from the collapse the Ottoman Empire. A bustling commercial, financial and legislative centre, through its history it still holds much interest for the non-business traveller.

Turkey Facts

National Flag: Turkish Flag
Language(s): Turkish
Currency: New Turkish Lira
Dialling Code: +90
Time Zone: GMT + 2
Tourism Website:

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