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Conrad Freethy 
by our Spain expert Conrad Freethy

Eating & Drinking in Spain

Sangria & paella… possibly two of the most stereotypical items from Spanish cuisine and yet known and loved all over the world. And the list of famous foods does not stop there… chorizo, calamares, tortillas – just a taste of the simple yet delicious dishes that proliferate well beyond Spanish speaking borders.

marbella beach
marbella beach

With so much of its coastline bordered by either the Mediterranean Sea or the Atlantic Ocean, sensational fish is a given in Spain. Visit any authentic fishing village and you must try a lunch tapas of fresh sardines with a squeeze of lemon… total fishy heaven! Spanish meat is good too and in particular the dry cured hams such as Jamón serrano (Serrano ham) which make a scrumptious appetiser, ideally with an ice cold glass of San Miguel (or similar) beer.

Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, Spain is also a vegetarian friendly destination. If you like cold soups, for example, then try a Gazpacho soup of blended tomatoes, garlic, cucumber, celery, peppers & more… it’s like eating a delicious fresh salad with every spoonful. Other vegetarian Spanish staples include the tasty potato omelette (tortilla), Patatas Bravas (fried potatoes with spicy tomato sauce) and the Basque dish Pipérade (a stew of onions peppers & tomatoes). And for a nice glass of wine to wash it down, you can do much worse than a Spanish rioja… exceptionally gluggable in both the red and white varieties.

san antonio bay
san antonio bay

For dessert, why not try the famous Spanish flan (cream caramel) or the equally mouthwatering Arroz Con Leche (rice pudding). And if you want to finish your meal with a digestif, look no further than a delicious Spanish brandy. Half the price of its French cousins and yet often much smoother and richer.

See below for some Spanish language words and phrases to help you find your perfect holiday meal in Spain...

Useful Phrases when Eating Out
English French
Do you have a table? Vous avez une table?
are you ready to order? vous avez choisi?
What is it? Qu'est-ce que c'est?
how much is it? combien ça coûte?
I would like ... je voudrais ...
The day's special Le plat du jour
And to drink? Et comme boisson?
Beer Une biere
A bottle of red wine Une bouteille de vin rouge
orange juice jus d'orange
A jug of water Une carafe d'eau
sparkling / still gazeuse / plate
Tea Un thé
Coffee Un café
With milk Au lait
cheers À votre santé!
I'm vegetarian je suis végétarien/végétarienne
I'm allergic to ... je suis allergique à
It was very good c'était très bon
the bill/check, please l'addition, s'il vous plaît


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