Australian Travel Highlights

Conrad Freethy 
by our Australia expert Conrad Freethy
Below are some of the Australian Travel Highlights from our Travel Experts. If you have any Australia tips, reviews or highlights of your own that you’d like to share with our experts then please send them to us here.
Adelaide, SA
Colonel Light designed Adelaide and it's now the fifth biggest ozzie city and capital of South Australia. What's it like? - I love its easy going pace, pretty old town and of course the awesome choice of vineyards just waiting to be discovered. Recommended.
Conrad F
Ayers Rock, NT
Walking right around Uluru is an awesome experience - and is a friendlier way to enjoy the rock than climbing it - the Aborigine people prefer you not to climb their rock and I was happy to abide by their wishes.
Brisbane, QLD
Brisbane is great for familys as well as adults. It has an excellent choice of places to eat catering for all tastes and prices. The beaches are clean and well supervised. There's also an excellent river bus which runs frequently and is perfect for exploring the city. Shopoholics will not be dissapponited with the usual range of big name stores plus several markets.
Tracy Lyon
Great Ocean Road, VIC
One of Australia's iconic natural monuments. It's intriguing to see how those rocks have been formed by the power of the ocean.
Melbourne, VIC
The lively and cosmopolitan area of St. Kilda, is situated on the coast to the east of the city and is considered to be one of Melbourne's most fashionable suburbs. It's shabby chic meets sun & surf!
Perth, WA
Perth is a wonderful place, and I always feel at home there. For a lazy day, try heading downtown and spend some time at the shops and cafes of London Court.
Adam Hughes
Sydney, NSW
Circular Quay is a good place to view Sydney Harbour bridge and the Opera House but if you really want to see them at their best you would be best to take a harbour cruise. Sydney has so much to offer, and you don’t have to go far to be impressed with the cosmopolitan beat in a city well placed to welcome visitors from all over the world. For a really close look at the ‘coat-hanger’, Harbour Bridge why not consider donning the grey suit and taking a guided tour by walking to the top? Now I have no first-hand knowledge of this trek but friends say it was just the most amazing experience. The World Heritage Opera House is known internationally. Its sails reach far above the white, stunning creation. Designed by a Danish architect, it is just right for its harbour setting. The Opera House holds the highest honour for international architecture, the Pritzker Prize and thousands of people walk around it, visit the concert halls and restaurants, attend concerts and exhibitions every day and night. I had a special surprise one evening when I returned from a memorable Hunter Valley wine tour, which ended above Circular Quay, and there before us, on a stage set up at the Opera House was the Split Enz finale concert - we stayed and had the most stunningly entertaining night. The Harbour Bridge opened in 1932 as the largest steel-arch bridge in the world. It has eight vehicle lanes, two train lines, a footpath and a cycleway for up to 161,000 people to cross each day. Sydney harbour is the heart of this thriving city, just being on Circular Quay with these two internationally appreciated attractions is a special travel memory- include them in your ‘’Aussie’‘ down-under holiday.
Lois R
Bondi's not much different from the beach at Southend. Except Bondi's 30 celcius warmer, the sand's white, the water is clean and there's no power station on the horizon. But other than that it's identical...
The monorail is a great way to get acquainted with this beautiful city. If you're jetlagged and tired - hop on and it will take you past loads of sights!
The Opera House, designed by Jorn Utzon, was opened in 1973 and has become the iconic image of Autralia. Take a tour inside or, better still, take in a show for an unforgettabel experience.
The Rocks is a great place to go to get those presents for people back home. There is lots to see and plenty to buy. The Opals are very good. Add this to fantastic weather and people and you can not fail to have a great time.

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