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by our Australia expert Conrad Freethy
Conrad FreethyAll very well for Captain Cook to name an empty headland for where “all our troubles began” but it showed little thought for those who now have it as an address for a pleasant village in Queensland’s Daintree National Park. The Park itself is one attraction – including the ‘bouncing stones’ whose density makes them collide like rubber balls. (Sacred to aboriginals, so you’ll be cursed if you remove any!) However the Great Barrier Reef is probably the greater attraction – only 12 miles away and with regular boat charters from the village’s beach. The world’s largest coral reef system, it stretches for 1,600 miles and covers enough sea to comfortably off-set its huge visitor popularity.

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Australia Facts

National Flag: Australian Flag
Language(s): English/ Aborginal native languages
Currency: Australian Dollar
Dialling Code: +61
Time Zones: Cocos Islands : GMT + 6.5
Western Australia : GMT + 8
South Australia : GMT + 9.5
Northern Territory : GMT + 9.5
New South Wales : GMT + 10
Queensland : GMT + 10
Victoria : GMT + 10
Tasmania : GMT + 10
Lord Howe Island : GMT + 10.5
Australian Capital Territory : GMT + 10
Tourism Website:

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