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by our Russia expert Terry Emery
Terry EmeryIt’s hard to avoid politics in even defining the ‘country’. The massive Tsarist and USSR empires are dismantled, the Federation and breakaway republics are still evolving identities. Let’s stay with Mother Russia, the Russia of Moscow and St Petersburg. The two great cities have repeatedly exchanged capital roles so both are treasure-houses of architecture and the arts. In Moscow, the incredible, colourful, onion-domes of St Basil’s Cathedral contrast with the red stone of Lenin’s Mausoleum and the golden roofs of the Kremlin in Red Square. In St Petersburg, the multitude of magnificent palaces includes the Hermitage, winter residence of the Tsars, and now arguably the world’s greatest art gallery. Moscow’s Bolshoi vies with St Petersburg’s Kirov (or Marijnsky). Yet beyond them, the country’s vastness is awesome. More than 75% of Russia lies in Asia; the Trans-Siberian Railway runs for almost 6,000 miles from St Petersburg on Europe’s Baltic to Vladivostok at the northern end of the Pacific; the country contains 15 time zones. Even further east – just a narrow strait separates it from N. America.

Russia Facts

National Flag: Russian Flag
Language(s): Russian
Currency: Russian ruble
Capital city: Moscow
Total Area: 17,098,242 km2
Population: 141,888,900
Dialling Code: +7
Time Zones: Zone 1 : GMT + 2
Zone 2 : GMT + 3
Zone 3 : GMT + 4
Zone 4 : GMT + 5
Zone 5 : GMT + 6
Zone 6 : GMT + 7
Zone 7 : GMT + 8
Zone 8 : GMT + 9
Zone 9 : GMT + 10
Zone 10 : GMT + 11
Zone 11 : GMT + 12
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Russian News

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Moscow Weather Forecast

Max Min
Overcast Skies Overcast Skies -1°C
Snow and Overcast Skies Snow and Overcast Skies -1°C
Snow and Overcast Skies Snow and Overcast Skies -2°C
Light Snow and Overcast Skies Light Snow and Overcast Skies -8°C

 Moscow Weather Forecast

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