Male Travel Guide

by our Maldives expert Conrad Freethy
Conrad FreethyDot after scintillating dot of green, fringed with gold, set in aquamarine, thatís the scattered hundreds-and-thousands of the Maldives islands seen from your incoming plane. Waving palm trees, fine soft sand beaches, the lighter tint of an off-shore Ďhouseí reef and then the deep azure of the Indian Ocean. Ö and thatís about it really. Repeat for the various volcanic atolls and youíve got the Maldives. Male is one of the smallest capitals in the world and for most visitors, simply the entry port from which they take their sea-plane or fast catamaran to their resort of choice or maybe step on to their island-hopping cruise boat. (Even the airport is off-shore and you need a ferry to reach the town.) Certainly the seat of government and commercial centre, Male does have skyscrapers and interesting shopping, but no beach as such. So while about a third of the republicís people live there, for probably 90% of visitors itís just a stepping stone to Paradise.

Maldives Facts

National Flag: Maldivian Flag
Language(s): Dhivehi
Currency: Maldivian rufiyaa
Dialling Code: +960
Time Zone: GMT + 5
Tourism Website:

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