Zimbabwean Travel Highlights

Conrad Freethy 
by our Zimbabwe expert Conrad Freethy
Below are some of the Zimbabwean Travel Highlights from our Travel Experts. If you have any Zimbabwe tips, reviews or highlights of your own that you’d like to share with our experts then please send them to us here.
A necessary stopover for visitors to the adjoining Zimbabwe International Trade Fair grounds, Eskimo Hut is a Quaint little Ice-Cream shop similar in style to an American take away joint from the sixties. A popular stopover for local snotty-nosed kids and their overworked parents, this place never had any milk to make ice-cream, so I bought another burger (Which was rather tasty)and sent it down my throat with an overpriced beer bought from down the road. Attached to the main building is a DVD shop which rents out movies so new, some of them are still being filmed. Oh, and watch out for the one way road when driving out of there.
Mario Adams
The Bulawayo City Hall serves as a venue for many municipal events and boasts a huge bell which sounds on the hour. Interestingly, this is also the only measure of time for watchless prisoners held in the dark cells of the nearby Central Police station, who draw tally marks to count the passing hours. The city hall is also the central public transport area in Bulawayo, with municipal buses departing and arriving every 30 minutes. This, of course has also made it a busy market, with everything available; from curios to flowers to '5 Dollar Jive'; a local man who dances and sings famous western classics for five bucks. Visitors are also warned that they may be propostioned by very resourceful marijuana salesmen. The city hall is a wonderful starting point for those wishing to take a stroll around the interesting city centre, but they should be alert for pickpocketers.
Mario Adams
Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe has simply breathtaking senery and one of the best waterfalls you will every come accross! The water that flows gracefully over each stone of the canyon it runst through is crystal clear. Sometimes, the water even makes a small rainbow! If you are ever in Zimbabwe visit the peacefull Victoria Falls!

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