Harare Travel Guide

by our Zimbabwe expert Conrad Freethy
Conrad FreethyThe capital of Zimbabwe, like the country, has a chequered past especially since independence. Formerly known as Salisbury, the main city of Southern Rhodesia, the renamed capital became a thriving commercial and tourist location with exceptional resources in both agriculture (tobacco) and superb wildlife and scenic attractions (Victoria Falls) as well as an being important political centre for Africa as a whole. As political extremism erupted, stability and the strong economy were lost, inflation became insupportable and tourism suffered. Latterly, a move to the US dollar for currency has redressed some of the problems and a trickle of tourists is returning. Harare itself is undoubtedly run-down and visitors need to exercise caution; surprisingly one of the best hotels in Africa, Meikles, is still going strong with almost Victorian era service. Radical changes seem inevitable in the not-too-distant future and a marvellous and beautiful country will surely rise in travellers’ wish-lists

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Zimbabwe Facts

National Flag: Zimbabwean Flag
Language(s): English
Currency: Zimbabwe dollar
Dialling Code: +263
Time Zone: GMT + 2
Tourism Website:

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