Djerba Travel Guide

by our Tunisia expert Terry Emery
Terry Emery(D)jerba - the ‘D’ is optional - is a tranquil island around 18 miles square only just off Tunisia’s coast (a short causeway gives easy access). Its long and chequered history includes Arab and Roman conquest, links to Greece, Sicily and Malta, and it was a stronghold of Barbarossa and the Barbary corsairs. There was an important Jewish settlement and the 2,000 year old El Ghriba synagogue is extremely beautiful and a good reason to drag yourself off the glorious beaches that abound all round the coast and are the main attraction for most visitors. The nearest thing to a town is Houmt Souq and that, too, is worth dusting the sand off for. A warren of small alleys and lovely squares, with lots of traditional cafes where most Jerbans seem to live. It also has two fascinating suqs or markets, one covered, one for fresh produce (olives, figs, dates). The island still produces locally-fished sponges and good ceramics, both on sale here … and then you can totter back to cool off (top temperature months Jul/Aug are HOT) at your selected, not-too-crowded beach.

Tunisia Facts

National Flag: Tunisian Flag
Language(s): Arabic
Currency: Tunisian dinar
Dialling Code: +216
Time Zone: GMT + 1
Tourism Website:

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