DaresSalaam Travel Guide

by our Tanzania expert Terry Emery
Terry EmeryAlthough Dar es Salaam is the largest and commercially most important city in Tanzania, it is not in fact the capital; from the mid 1990’s that has been Dodoma, the seat of government. Prior to that ‘Dar’, in its common abbreviation, was the capital or principal town of successive colonial states, including Tanganyika, which then made up modern Tanzania after independence and political union with the island of Zanzibar. A fishing village for centuries, the excellent natural harbour was used by the Sultan of Zanzibar as the core of a new Indian Ocean trading point in the mid 19th C. It is still an important port, blending oceanic container ships and tankers with colourful Arab dhows. An attractive modern city, Dar has a reputation as one of the safest urban centres on the African continent, appropriate to the name’s translation - House of Peace. It is mostly used by tourists as the arrival and jumping off point for Tanzania’s extremely rich wildlife scene - Serengeti, Selous, Ngorogoro, Manyara among others - as well the stepping stone to the fascinating Indian/Arab/African potpourri that is Zanzibar.

Tanzania Facts

National Flag: Tanzanian Flag
Language(s): English
Currency: Tanzanian shilling
Dialling Code: +255
Time Zone: GMT + 3
Tourism Website:

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