Casablanca Travel Guide

by our Morocco expert Terry Emery
Terry EmeryGo on, try even saying it without instantly conjuring up images of Bergman, Bogart, Greenstreet, Lorre and that song. In fact, the international cast and storyline emphasise the still current cosmopolitan nature of Morocco’s largest city (and most important according to its inhabitants). A word of warning: although you can find plenty of slightly sleazy but interesting café-bars just like Rick’s, (including a ‘re-creation’ that uses the name) you can’t actually locate the film sites since it was actually shot entirely in a California studio (and an LA Airport). Casablanca, on the Atlantic west coast, is probably the most modern and ‘western’ city of Morocco, but with many Arab/Moslem elements including the notable Hassan II mosque and a small, but pleasingly confusing, medina old town.

Morocco Facts

National Flag: Moroccan Flag
Language(s): Arabic
Currency: Moroccan dirham
Dialling Code: +212
Time Zone: GMT + 1

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Where is Casablanca – Location Map


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